Photo by: taylor gregory photography

Photo by: taylor gregory photography

My name is Annie Cotten Schiffmacher! Yes, my last name is kind of weird and very hard to say and spell, but I love it. I recently got married in April of 2017 to the amazing man on the left. Our cute little red house is located in Myrtle Beach, SC, where we have a retriever named Buddy and live less than a mile from the beach. We are Younglife leaders at Myrtle Beach High School and believe above all else that we were all created to experience the fullness of God's glory and to live in relationship with Him. It marks everything we do!

People who know me know that I am a "relationship" person. In saying this I mean I love connecting people. In fact my favorite part of being in weddings is meeting the people I don't know. Traveling is one of my passions --- wherever your wedding is located in the Carolinas is where I want to be! I have made so many new relationships by being at events. Building long-lasting relationships with my clients is something that I am BEYOND passionate about, but I also want to help build and grow relationships FOR my clients. I am in the business of creating opportunities for connections to be made! I am passionate about people and networking and not only successfully planning an event and executing it well, but creating a community of relationships with everyone involved in the event planning process!

Why did I decide to pursue event planning you ask??

Because of these six ladies to my right >>>>

I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid in each of their weddings. Walking through that special season of life with them and sharing in one of the biggest events of their life definitely changed what I became passionate about. These ladies gave me the opportunity to serve them, and it created a soft spot in my heart for the whole wedding experience (photos not shown of me balling at each of these weddings).

I love how unique weddings can be and how each of the weddings pictured on the right were not only direct reflections of the brides themselves but of the Gospel and the Lord's plan for them and their groom. I want to plan and create weddings and events that do just that!

Thank you besties for the unspoken inspiration!